The Approach

The approach to my work is all about helping people bring out their unique individuality.

The individual has to be fully open to change and trust my intuition.

My gifts are the combination of seeing and touch. I view everyone as unique with their own essence just like nature. We all have our own purpose in life. We all have our own colours and texture just like fabric.

The way we look tells a story of our life. I want to be there to guide my guests in their personal journey and reflect their best self.

When I am given the opportunity, my scissors, my paint brushes and my visual eye for details instinctively go into a space of flow where I create. My creative process is always intuitive at first then technical due to my 20 years of experience.

I am always in search of ways to inspire myself, so I continue to share it with others. I am always seeking new and natural products. For example, swimming in salt water inspired me to create my own sea salt spray that I use prior to cutting to bring out the natural texture of the hair.

I individualize everything I use on my guests- like an artist painting on white canvas, except I paint people with souls.

By mixing different colours to paint their hair; using foundation colours to paint the face to bring out the skin’s natural beauty without masking; and matching clothing style and colours to bring out their true essence, I help enhance a person’s unique individuality.

I want to empower people to feel that they are unique without any apologies.