My name is
Mabeth - Professional Image Consultant

I am a professional image consultant, life coach, hairstylist, makeup artist, personal stylist, teacher of life skills, mindful eater, lover of fitness and photography, lover of life, freedom and joy.  I strive for Harmony.

My diverse personal journey, education and experience with people have given me a unique understanding of the importance of working with the whole of a person.

My skills are based on the belief that when we live in harmony and truth with who we are, we then start to reach a state where we can live happy and peaceful lives.

I am passionate about helping people discover who they truly are. My goal is to unlock what will help each individual thrive and live in harmony with themselves and others. 

What has been my journey to come to this understanding and gain the experience to help others?

The Story Continues . . .

My career path began when I entered makeup artistry school in Vancouver. I started out doing make overs, weddings, special occasions, proms, photoshoots, TV/Film. After a few years of this freelance work, I realized that there was something missing.  In my search to find purpose and meaning in my career, I shifted my focus to hairstyling and entered hair school. 

To advance my career, I worked in different salons. My goal was to establish a large relationship-based clientele. After few years I was ready to open my own salon.  I had a large and loyal clientele base, ready and willing to support me on my new endeavor. 

During the almost 10 year journey of being a salon owner and manager, I learned a great deal about myself.  As fun and as exciting as it was, I was missing the intimacy of one-on-one relationship building. 

The time came to sell the salon and start something new.  I wanted to set up a personal studio where my clients could come to and feel relaxed, safe, comfortable and which allowed for a more meaningful experience.

I enrolled in an image consulting program at Langara to gain a higher level of skills when helping clients find their true image. 

While I was doing this, I entered into a personal journey of self-discovery.  I knew I wanted to help all the people who sat in my chair day after day expressing their discontent with aspects of their personal lives.  But before I could, I needed to reach harmony in my own life.  Along this journey I was forced to deal with many challenges, including trauma, loss, stress, strained family relations, insecurities and other challenges common to many of us. Going through these life events helped me realize that I needed to dedicate much of my life to the pursuit of healing and searching for ways to live a happy and rewarding life.

During my own healing journey, I became fully aware of the importance of recognizing what in my past was keeping me stuck from living my best life, and then letting go of what was no longer benefitting me. Self-discovery and healing are a continuous process, one that can be difficult at times, but that is ultimately rewarding. 

I feel strong and well-equipped now to offer my services – along with my hair and make-up practice, I also offer personal development coaching, personal styling, image building, internal/external image alignment, working with each person as a whole to help them reach harmony in themselves and with others.